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susannah emily 

Edinburgh | Scotland 

My ideas are grounded in my interest in the environment and how we as humans interact with our surroundings and with nature. Much of my own identification of ‘self’ and where I feel most grounded is when I am surrounded by the natural environment, be this the wild places of Scotland, or remote corners of the world. In current times it is all too easy to become disconnected from our roots, and for me, nurturing a connection to land and place has become a fundamental aspect of my creative process. 


Printmaking is an integral part of my practice, with a particular focus on lithography and monotype. My work oscillating between representation and abstraction, as I endeavour to capture the sensibility, majesty, and energy of my own encounters with place. Through mark making and printed works I am striving to create a wordless, yet evocative narrative, for the viewer to take up residence in, and in so doing form their own connections with nature. 


I grew up in the Scottish Borders and am now based a little north of Dundee. My love of travel and adventure has taken me to Africa, North America, Asia and Australasia. I graduated in Pharmacology prior to studying for an MFA (Illustration) at Edinburgh College of Art. The unique combination of art and science has led to a keen interest in printmaking, where the alchemy of the process is a fundamental part of the final composition. 

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